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Malware targeting trucking companies isn't an IT issue. 'It's everybody's issue'

An attack can cripple a trucking companys ability to operate and expose its most sensitive data to criminals. Heres what your fleets needs to be considering -- and steps you can take to protect your companys operations....

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Hard to abate emissions? I think not

There are many things that can be classified as hard in this world, but trucking emissions should not be hard to abate. Find out why on CCJ....

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Navistar shuttering Melrose Park technical center, selling land to developer

The facility previously manufactured Navistars now-defunct 9- and 10-liter N-Series engines, but has served mostly as an engine testing facility and technical center since 2017....

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Trucking regs in the fold in 2021: Carriers' insurance minimums, driver classification, speed limiters and more

New leadership in Washington ushers in a more regulation-friendly landscape, potentially bringing trucking laws new and old back to the fore. Details on CCJ....

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Fleets taking steps to advance time-based driver pay

Read CCJ to see how motor carriers are using time-based measurements to attract and retain more drivers by aligning pay with pricing and billing activities....

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Game changing' Toyota solid-state battery lighter, much more powerful than current lithium-ion

To further vehicle electrification, Toyota announced its development of a lighter, more powerful solid-state battery to be released in the next few years....

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